The advantages and disadvantages of new technologies?

Technology has benefited many people in the world, it has been advanced in recent years. Life without technology will cause trouble and living with it can also cause depression. In this article, we will give details about the positive and negative effect of advanced technology.

Positive effects of living in a world with advanced technology

If we try to look at the lifestyle of people nowadays, we will notice that it is more advanced in technology than the previous decades, for example. With technology, some businesses are successful, some students graduate through online lectures, and some interaction can happen. Without technology, there might not be jobs for young people. Technology has produced great changes in the world by making things accessible that are easy to handle. It also makes it possible to do many things in a short time. Because of the advanced technology, communication has also been advanced. Now we have access to video calls that we can use to see our loved ones across borders. This also gives businessmen the opportunity to advertise their products and sell their products regardless of the distance. Technology has helped many people to check their health themselves without consulting the doctor.

Negative effect of advanced technology

Technology has done many great things in the world, but there are negative aspects that affect many people. Because of advanced technology, some homes are separated. In the sense of developing social isolation by spending all their time on social networks, listening to music, spending time in front of a computer or mobile devices. Research tells us that people who suffer from social isolation may have a shorter life. Technology can also affect students' education. It prevents children from concentrating because of games, some of them even watch sex films. The same technology can give people a period of insomnia which can lead to health problems, it can also cause depression due to lack of idle lifestyle.