The Greatest Operating System in the World ?!

Hi men! It’s my second article in English. In this case it’s will be not manual or instructions like “How to install … ” no men, but a discussion about The Greatest Operating System in the World. I read and watch many news about operating system (more OS), I think you know about Windows 7 and new Mac OS Snow Leopard. On the presentation about Mac OS Snow Leopard guys from Apple told us that it’s the best OS in the world, Microsoft told us that Vista is the best, I think they were wrong together and now they tell us that Windows 7 will be oooh “Super System”, but already now many my friends who use and like Windows, tried to use Windows 7 and I did it too. What can I say about it? It was “hard to use it” for me and for them too. Mac OS is a great OS, I know for sure, that it is a pleasure to use it and work with it. But it has many minuses, especially the newest – Snow Leopard. So my opinion and facts I’ll tell you further, plese see “Read more »”

So I want to start from the begining of this story. I use Linux more then 2,5 years. It’s long time. I forgot, what it is Windows and I knew a little about Mac OS. But recenly I proceed to work with Windows XP\Vista (due to circumstances) and sometimes Mac OS and I discovered many facts from that time.

“O! Great it’s Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, I like it!!! But how much it costs, just an upgrade costs $29 and the family pack for $49 wooooow I’m shoked, it’s so chip, but until now I did’t have Mac! Look, what is it? Where are my favourite programms? I see them! Full pack with iLife, iWork and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard just for … $229.00” – This is Mac, you have to pay for everything and it costs big money, if you want a player – $29.99, you want good manager for content – $79.00, if you want office – $149.95, you want some programm to cut video – $299.00, anything else ….???

But it has cost nothing! Also if you buy it, you can’t change it, you can’t share it with friends, you can’t look inside of this, you can’t anything. So you will buy programm for BIG money, but it’s will be not your programm. Paradox !?

The same situation with Windows. A lot of people use it, because they don’t know about something else. It’s terrible! And also for Windows you most pay big money and what they will give you? Windows Vista, the best fucking hole in your computer, great! It’s slow, unsafe, expensive and stupid to use, it’s opinion of thousand people, not just mine. If you don’t install antivirus programm, your system will die in two hours from worms, viruses, trojans and other “good” things.

By the way, what is it Mac OS? It’s based on the UNIX system, on FREE UNIX system, they use deb-packeges, they use apt-get and they want to get money for free soft, even if they did’t do it. Strange !?

So, about what I want to say, that all these things you can have for free, without money, and it’s will be yours! Community has a lot of free good systems, it’s SUSE, Ubuntu, Mandriva, AltLinux, Gentoo, Fedora, Centos for home use, where you will have all programms what you need and even more. You will be FREE. It’s the most important fact.

I don’t want to say that Mac or Windows are bad systems, they are’t. But it’s expensive, it’s “closed” and that’s why it’s unsafe and slow.

For example, I want to have OS for home use. For first, what I have to think about? It doesn’t have to be complecated to install, it has to be free, it has to be fast, and when I want to change something I can do it, and it must have all the programms that I need for home use. What I’ll install, ofcourse Linux. If I like simple and comfortable environment, I’ll install Linux with Gnome, if I like good-looking desk, I’ll install KDE desktop.

What about speed ? It’s can be fast for free ?
For sure, it is fast. I did small home test with my Linux Ubuntu 9.04, and I want to show you the results.

My laptop is old I think, it’s:
Portable Computer: Dell Inspiron 1520
Width: 32 bits
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80GHz
L1 cache
size: 32KiB
capacity: 32KiB

L2 cache
size: 2MiB
capacity: 2MiB
clock: 66MHz (15.0ns)

System Memory(RAM) size: 2560MiB
VGA compatible controller: GeForce 8600M GT


I did test with flashcard: Transend JF V30 / 2Gb
It’s old and slow memory for now.

What I did ?
I checked next parameters:
– Booting system from flash drives
– Switch off system from LIVE mode
– Installing from a flash card
– Work in LIVE mode
– Booting system from HDD
– Switch off system from HDD


Booting system from flash drives it’s: 49.9 seconds
Switch off system from LIVE mode it’s: 6.5 seconds
Installing from a flash card it’s: 7.43 minutes
Booting system from HDD it’s: 24.5 seconds
Switch off system from HDD it’s: 7.11 seconds

After installation the system is ready to work at the moment. And for free you can install many brilliant programms for your work, bussines and pleasure. You can install the latest security updates from community and forget about any viruses, antiviruses, worms, trojans and money, that is very important.

It’s greatest speed results that I saw in my life for all operating systems in the world. Plus few words about LIVE mode from flashcard. In live mode you can work very comfortable, with internet connection without any troubles, with graphical mode about 1440×[email protected] for my screen, with many good programms like OpenOffice, Firefox, Evolution, Pidgin, Totem, GIMP. You even can install some programms and use it until you restart your system. While installing your Ubuntu you can also play in Chess or do web-surfing. In other systems you can’t.

So which system is the Fastest\Greatest in the World each person will decide it for himself. Cuz everybody has his own opinion. In fact, the best system can’t be expensive, non-free, unsafe and “closed”.