The World's Largest Technology Gatherings

Every year there is always a tech conference where promises are made to provide networking opportunities and valuable information for everyone. These various tech gatherings are then of great importance. In this article, we will introduce you to the biggest tech gatherings on the planet.

The Developer Week

Developer Week is an annual conference that brings together over 8000 software architects, technical executives and engineers for various discussions on technology, language and hardware development. The program offers sessions for a variety of developers at all levels, with two-day round-table discussions and events for engineering managers, technology managers and developers.


This is a free one-day event that is the go-to event for IT and security for digital transformation, remote or hybrid working and also 5G security. These panels reveal how they can affect and threaten your organization and how your cyber risk can be minimized.

RSA RSAC 2021 Conference

This conference features four days of sessions led by leading networking experts. They discuss the merging of cyber-security issues, which the organization is facing.

Interoperate: the definitive solution for an effective IT automation strategy

This is another free event that will take place on 15 June 2021, this event will come from digital interoperability. This event is for any organization that wants to become more agile. Everyone attending will go away with a better understanding and know how to develop a strategy to avoid complexities in implementation. This event is therefore a boon for technology or IT professionals.

Black Hat USA

This is one of the world's top cyber-security events with a convention scheduled for Las Vegas in August 31-5, 2021. They offer training for technical developers, a presentation on fused platforms and hundreds of network solutions. A must-attend event for executives, analysts and hackers. It is a golden opportunity for digital enthusiasts and should not be missed.

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